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Planning a 30th? Together with Event Birdie, we put together a few themes to take your celebrations to the next lebel!


There’s no denying turning 30 is a big deal. Some of us welcome it, while others find themselves holding onto the fleeting moments of their 20’s. Either way, it’s time to accept that claiming to ‘turn 29’ for the third year isn’t convincing anyone.

So, trade your denial in for a daiquiri, while you plan a birthday celebration that’ll make turning 30 the best soiree this decade! Not sure where to start? We recently caught up with the team who looks after the Brisbane arm of Australian Venue Co and with their help, have put together four of our favourite themes that are bound to wow a crowd.


1. Cheese and Wine Blind Tasting

Cheese and wine, a duo as old as time and the perfect introduction to your new suave and mature life as a member of the 30’s club. Easy to execute for those who are intimidated by complex canape and hors d’oeuvre selections; all you’ll need is an assortment of artisan cheeses and an array of red, white and rose wines to taste from.

At the tasting, each guest is served a secret selection, gaining points for each correct guess they have on the type or origin of the wine/cheese. Ideally, the guest of honour (that’d be you), would also participate, so this is best hosted in a function room. We’d suggest the Private Dining Room at The Kenmore, seating an intimate 20 guests.


2. G & Tea Garden Party

Fancy a spot of tea? Then you’ll love our Garden Party theme. We’ve taken the classic concept of afternoon tea, most likely served in the lush gardens of Windsor Castle, and put a bold birthday twist on it! It’s time for G-and-tea. Gather your guests and make a reservation for the Private High Tea Functions available at Darling & Co. Complete with quaint bespoke teacups, a tower of delectable bites and your signature birthday tea flowing – it’s an afternoon fit for royal-tea.

3. 90’s Night

Take it back to where it all began! There’s nothing quite like a throw-back to spark the nostalgia of your youth and get a party started. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the 90’s are having a resurgence of sorts. Scrunchies, pedal pushers, tube dresses and crop tops, you name it – they’re back!

There were many memorable trends that came out of the 1990’s (some good, some bad and some best never mentioned again), all serving as the ultimate party theme Inspo!  From Clueless feather boas and matching twin sets to shaking your own Pulp Fiction inspired cocktails, there is no shortage of iconic pop culture to create a killer party.

Don’t even get us started on the music. Whether you have a DJ or create your own 90’s throwback soundtrack, there is nothing to do but hit the dance floor when someone hits the play button on TLC. From Fresh Prince of Belair to hits from the Spice Girls, you’ll want to be sure your venue of choice has plenty of space to bust a move.

For your perfect 90’s party head to The Kenmore where you can hire the private function room. Complete with private bar, bathroom, dance floor and customisable furniture layout, this room has all the bells and whistles.


4. Great Gatsby

This brings us to our final, and most opulent theme – Great Gatsby. The glitz and the glam of the roaring 20’s have never been matched and while we all continue to romanticise the dog-eared pages of The Great Gatsby in awe, you have the perfect occasion to bring this fantasy to life!

Complete with flappers, champagne towers and strings of pearls, invite guests to celebrate your roaring 30’s amidst a transformed speakeasy nestled in a modern-day Brisbane venue. Embrace the glamour and leave your inhibitions at the door, because as they say, “a little party never killed nobody”, right?

For this theme, try ‘Swayze’s Backstage’ at Darling & Co. Overflowing with old-world charm, inviting lounges and an exclusive bar, Swayze’s is a sophisticated function room for both sit-down and cocktail events.